2011: A Poem (Jan 3, 2011)

by Shilo Kuriakose

I will see you at Kailash
Before and after
Our journey this circle
Will be quiet
A compliment
To the freedom
You are rhythms
With them
Tremors decline
In Strength
Meditate thru me
As we fight back

I predict a non-researched
Ego tamed lion heart
Candor in soft voice
Without eloquent speeches
There will be leaders
Women anchors
Prayers heard
Answered in quiet

Resilience and comfort
Will travel
Take root in hearts
You and I
We’ve been here
Before today
We will dance
With Action

There will be blues
Willed from fringes
With intention
You found my name
Alternating between
Tradition and creation
Honey and humility
I am full of LIFE
Will for solidarity
I will see you back at Kailash
For fellowship

© 2011 Shilo Kuriakose.


Posted on October 24, 2011 .